New Third Way is a multidisciplinary organization founded in May 2017 by a group of young enthusiasts in Serbia, with the goal to offer a new approach to political analysis in the era of right and left wing populism. The mission of our organization is to contribute to social progress through: reasonable, academically based and socially responsible public actions. The vision of our organization is a democratic society with equal opportunities, social progress and politics based on facts, not slogans. Our organization is engaged in the following activities:

In public appearances, we present objective point of view of political events in the world. We present our analytical work through articles, TV appearances and publications.


We advocate for progressivism in all spheres of society. We stand against extreme ideologies and individuals.


We conduct small-scale opinion polls for the internal needs of our organization.


We are offering services of political consulting to progressive organizations and individuals in the field of ideological positioning, political platforms, political communication and digital marketing.


We educate the most ambitious young people with transfer of less accessible knowledge, skills and information from the political sphere.


We analyze and propose public policies in the sphere of a society of equal opportunities, a social market economy and social progressivism.


for the new era with the new approach

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Milja Radosavljević

Milja Radosavljević



Media Analyst

Editor at "Savremena Kina"