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Novi treći put (New Third Way – NTP) together with the Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR), with the support of Taipei Representative Office in Hungary, invites you to participate in another one of our online events.
During this event we will discuss the scope and the main objectives of China’s thorough soft power and disinformation campaigns in different regions of the world.
How did COVID-19 crisis allowed China to spread its own COVID narrative? How does China’s “Lone Wolf“ diplomacy differs from its more subtle approach to the Balkan countries? What can the Balkan countries learn from the case of resilient Taiwan, and its “whole of a society“ approach to fighting sophisticated CCP disinformation campaign that threatens to penetrate all pores of the society and state?
14:00-14:03 – Opening words by Dimitrije Milić, Program Director of Novi Treći Put
14:03-14:05 – Guest introduction by Dragoslav Rašeta of NTP, moderator of the event
14:05-14:20 –dr Igor Novaković of Isac Fond
14:20-14:35 – dr Dr Yi-Suo Tzeng, Assistant Research fellow of INDSR
14:35-14:55 – moderated discussion
14:55-15:00– Questions from the audience, moderator will select questions from the audience that is attending the event online, as well as the questions posted on NTP’s social media in the days prior to the event.
The access link for the event will be sent to you on the day of the event via the email address you leave us in the registration questionnaire.